Fondest Greetings to You All….

Phantom of the Opera Carved Pumpkin



6 Responses to “Fondest Greetings to You All….”

  1. Cool new website. I’ll look forward to your future projects! Good luck!

  2. hey love your work. would like to know what tools do you use to carve. and if you make any type of pattern or just free hand it.

  3. carvinggallery Says:

    Thanks. : ) I carve with a dremel – the swirly-looking metal and diamond bits are my favorites. I usually draw out a pattern on a sheet of 14×17 paper so I get all my proportions right, and the rest I draw on the pumpkin with vine charcoal.

  4. Jackie Blake Says:

    I think your pumpkins are the best I have ever seen. I Love all the diffferent layers you can get out of your pumpkin. Do you ever paint any areas of your pumpkin?

    • carvinggallery Says:

      Thank you, Jackie. I do paint certain areas once in a while. I’ve had the best luck with the color red & often use it when I carve curtains on my Phantom of the Opera pumpkins.

  5. Carrie Goldsworthy Says:

    wow, it is hard to believe these are all pumpkins, I mean, actual pumpkins! I know it takes a lot of effort to carve pumpkins. Thanks for sharing all your great work!

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